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18 Nov

I joined an essay writing contest via and I need your support. My essay goes here….

Being a freelancer, I usually spend almost 60% of my day sending out proposals, bidding on projects, and getting immediate tasks done. Apart from that, I am also logged on to social media platforms such as Skype and Facebook updating clients regarding projects, reading posts, commenting, promoting my blog — subtly marketing myself just in case another client contacts me for another huge project.

With my almost four years of freelancing experience, I have compiled some of the common freelancer blunders that I, as well as some clients, commit. This though doesn’t intend to mock or discriminate them or those who have committed the same little mistakes, but it’s those little things that make us “home-based workers” giggle a bit and smile, adding spice to our daily home-based work. Without further ado, here are three funny moments I’ve had as a freelance writer.

1. Mistaken Identity. It happens when a client calls you by another name or mistakenly referred you as someone from the opposite sex. I bet a lot of us have experienced this. It happened to me not only once. I, having a somewhat unfamiliar name, “Realyn”, at least to western folks, have experienced being called Raylin. Some even think I am a male and gave me a feedback such as “HE is a good writer. I will surely work with HIM again!” Another instance was when a potential client emails me back and says, “Hi Zahid. Thank you for your interest,” making it obvious that the client is sending out a single message template for possible hires.

2. Time Zone Confusion. Though all of us take the advantage of endless possibilities of projects, we are also confronted with time-bound confusions especially if we handle clients scattered throughout the globe. I once greeted a client “Good Evening” at 23:00 GMT+8 which is not at all nighttime on where he’s at. Awkward and funny, but it served as a reminder to check everything you type before hitting that “Send” button and being aware of your time zones is a crucial thing.

3. Mix-matching Clients and Projects. This is somewhat related to the prior freelancer blunders. We freelancers are supposed to be wired to work with multiple projects from multiple clients daily, and being human, we do commit mistakes. I have experienced updating a client via email, discussing the progress of a project from another client, and his response was, “What are you talking about?” I was about to knock my head on the computer monitor for stupidity, and again served as a reminder to keep things organized, maintain focus, and be professional despite the fact that you wear your pajamas at work.

Working from the four walls of your home office can appear dull, as if we freelancers are loners and don’t smile at all, but hey, we’re still dealing with clients, people with diverse backgrounds different from us, and when people of diverse backgrounds meet, they can create accidental hilarious moments, bringing spice to our job and proving that being a freelancer is not at all boring.


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Thank you in advance for your support… More posts soon….And hopefully, a Pro account if I make it on the contest. 🙂

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