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Being a freelancer, I usually spend almost 60% of my day sending out proposals, bidding on projects, and getting immediate tasks done. Apart from that, I am also logged on to social media platforms such as Skype and Facebook updating clients regarding projects, reading posts, commenting, promoting my blog — subtly marketing myself just in case another client contacts me for another huge project.

With my almost four years of freelancing experience, I have compiled some of the common freelancer blunders that I, as well as some clients, commit. This though doesn’t intend to mock or discriminate them or those who have committed the same little mistakes, but it’s those little things that make us “home-based workers” giggle a bit and smile, adding spice to our daily home-based work. Without further ado, here are three funny moments I’ve had as a freelance writer.

1. Mistaken Identity. It happens when a client calls you by another name or mistakenly referred you as someone from the opposite sex. I bet a lot of us have experienced this. It happened to me not only once. I, having a somewhat unfamiliar name, “Realyn”, at least to western folks, have experienced being called Raylin. Some even think I am a male and gave me a feedback such as “HE is a good writer. I will surely work with HIM again!” Another instance was when a potential client emails me back and says, “Hi Zahid. Thank you for your interest,” making it obvious that the client is sending out a single message template for possible hires.

2. Time Zone Confusion. Though all of us take the advantage of endless possibilities of projects, we are also confronted with time-bound confusions especially if we handle clients scattered throughout the globe. I once greeted a client “Good Evening” at 23:00 GMT+8 which is not at all nighttime on where he’s at. Awkward and funny, but it served as a reminder to check everything you type before hitting that “Send” button and being aware of your time zones is a crucial thing.

3. Mix-matching Clients and Projects. This is somewhat related to the prior freelancer blunders. We freelancers are supposed to be wired to work with multiple projects from multiple clients daily, and being human, we do commit mistakes. I have experienced updating a client via email, discussing the progress of a project from another client, and his response was, “What are you talking about?” I was about to knock my head on the computer monitor for stupidity, and again served as a reminder to keep things organized, maintain focus, and be professional despite the fact that you wear your pajamas at work.

Working from the four walls of your home office can appear dull, as if we freelancers are loners and don’t smile at all, but hey, we’re still dealing with clients, people with diverse backgrounds different from us, and when people of diverse backgrounds meet, they can create accidental hilarious moments, bringing spice to our job and proving that being a freelancer is not at all boring.


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5 Easy Tips to Save Up Money

Are you the type of woman who tend to love shopping, hanging out, splurging into massages and spa treatments, traveling, — in other words, spending money! Bet we all do. But are you the type who spends most of her monthly earnings to these and do not even think about saving up? When saving up money seems to be hard for you, then you might as well read on for some of my personal ways on how to save money.

1. Jar it Up: I hate carrying coins, and thank god I do, because it eventually been one of my ways of saving up money. At the end of each day, all those coins I got in my wallet, (and sometimes scattered inside my bag) goes into a tin jar. Sooner than you think, you already have a thousand bucks inside that can, enough to get you a new handbag or a new outfit or plainly just to get you through when you need emergency funds. You can simply have it changed into bills, of course.

2. Slip it into Reading: If you love reading, slipping some 50 or 100 bucks into your favorite books is also one ways of saving money. Like placing your coins in a jar, you will have something to spend on tight times, and who knows, you’ll be able to get yourself a new laptop at the end of the year or earn more than enough for a summer getaway.

3. Divide and Collect: Being a freelance writer, one thing I do is opt for different online payment options — like Paypal and Moneybookers — so that not all my payouts get into my bank account. This way, you’ll have your spending account and your emergency account. It takes a lot of discipline though not to tap into the other account especially if you tend to shop a lot.

4. Opt for Debit over Credit: Another technique that works for me is living through the principle, ‘Do not spend beyond your means.’ which starts with how you spend. Though I have a credit card, I still opt to bring with me my debit cards, as they tend to encourage spending within your means. Also, this would at least hinder you to splurge on things you don’t really need. You don’t want to panic where to get money to pay for your debt in case you lose your job or a sudden emergency expense comes along.

5. Jot it All Down: The most basic way to save money is to develop your ability to manage your expenses. It is always important to make a list of your weekly or monthly expenses and allot say 5%-10% of your weekly or monthly pay to your savings. List everything you spend on, cross out those that you don’t really need, and try to think about ways to save money. Say, do you really need to spend on bottled water each time or some take out meal or you can really manage to get yourself a packed meal or bring some refill tumblers for your water? Or maybe you can cut down your daily Starbucks and do it twice a week. Calculate the amount of money you can save by simply rethinking over the way you spend and you will see how much more important things you can buy with that.

It pays saving up money, and with the kind of situation our economy is going through, we never really know how stable our jobs are. If rainy day comes, it’s always good to have some savings to draw from without going stressed out on where to get money to get you through hard times.

What about you? What are your ways on saving money? Feel free to write them down at the comment box or participate on our poll. 🙂

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Getting Hitched, Getting Ditched: The Dilemma of Staying Single at Mid-20s

So you are on your mid-20s, everyone you know seems to be married, starting out their own family and seems to be the basis of happiness and fulfillment. You’re on a long term relationship, doesn’t know where you’re headed to and your partner doesn’t seem to make the move. Another situation is, you remain absolutely single, and the right person doesn’t seem to come your way. You feel like your less than complete and feel like you’re working for nothing, but money — or just for the sake of having what you can call a job.

What do you do when you’re on this situation? Does it mean you’re a failure? But before hastily doing something, you might want to go on reading and ask yourself.

Clear Cut Want or Getting into the Bandwagon? Before considering tying the knot, you have to think several times, are you ready to move to the next level or you just want to go with the trend? Are you financially, capable of running a family, or just initially spending on a wedding. Undeniably, a woman’s ultimate turning point is getting married so you might at least want to invest on the ceremonies. Another thing, are you genuinely emotionally ready and capable of handling married life stresses? It’s not as easy as you think, and it’s not always happy ending after the marriage. It’s just a beginning of more responsibilities and adjustments that you have to make.

Have you Considered Your Partner’s Thoughts? Have you tried asking him what are his plans? Or if he says why he doesn’t want to settle yet, have you tried asking him why? Men tend to get scared with the thought of losing their liberty and for women to ask them that, that would add pressure on them. But if you have been together for a while right now, a simple question wouldn’t hurt much, right? Plus, if he can’t seem to give you an answer, then maybe, he doesn’t really want to do it. Quoting Marie Forleo on procrastination which I found also related to this topic, “If you don’t want to schedule it, you probably don’t want to do it.” If this seems to be the case, then you might start to think, are you with the right person, or you’re just hanging up to something that’s going nowhere?

Are You Stable Career-wise? People today tend to differentiate the meaning of earning a lot as compared to achieving a lot. You can earn bucks in any area if you persevere, but the question is, is that what you really want to do? Is it the thing that fulfills your spirit? And mind you, if you get married at this age without fulfilling your career goals, you are much less likely to be able to work on that after marriage. Reason is, your priorities changes, your schedule is completely revised, and you will have another person to consider before making huge decisions. So before getting another baggage, you might as well do everything you ought to do first.

Indeed, marriage is not something to rush into, or treated as an escape to the boredom of being single. You got to feel fulfilled as an individual first, before sharing yourself with another person. I would want to end this post with a quote by Barnett Brickner which goes “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”


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